The realization of Sparkling Wine Forum is possible thanks to the contribution of many corporate and institutional partners. On this page you will find their references.

International Organization of Wine and Vine (O.I.V.)

The Sparkling Wine Forum is under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine.


Amorim Cork is the largest producer and supplier of cork stoppers worldwide, trusted by leading wine producers, in an industry that expands and reinvents itself.

Business unit of the Lesaffre Group, Fermentis is a leading global player in the field of yeasts and fermentation. Its range of products and services covers the majority of the needs of professionals.


Pe.Di, part of Crealis group, has been operating in the bottling closure sector since 1982, with particular attention to the high quality products used for secondary fermentation in the bottle : crown caps and bidule.

Perdomini-IOC, a subsidiary of the Institut Oenologique De Champagne (IOC) group, is a major player in the global wine industry. They offer a complete range of products and services for all stages of winemaking, from grape harvest to bottling.


Pioneer and reference player in the market of oenological products and associated services, Sofralab’s expertise lies in the development, design and marketing through its brands. 

Il Corriere Vinicolo

Since 1928, Il Corriere Vinicolo, published by Unione Italiana Vini, has been Italy’s only weekly wine magazine.


PARSEC has been innovating for 20 years to develop precise, reliable tools to support the digital transition of wineries, based on an integrated, multi-processor structure that customises vats and transforms them into intelligent winemakers.

Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo

VCR Italian nurseries are key players in the development of new varieties of vine plants that are increasingly efficient and resistant to disease, particularly as a result of climate change.